Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Sexy Brazilian Name?

Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:

Yardena Fagundes

C'mon. Who will ever think that as sexy?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


no, i am not closing this blogger account. i can always cross-post from Multiply. But this is just to inform everyone that my primary web thingy is at Multiply already. Some edited posts are not posted here, so its better to look here for the latest about my so-called life.

ang impluwensya ng telebisyon

kanina, sinundo ko mga anak ko. nung nasa tricycle kami, bigla nilang nakita yung dati nilang service na nauuna. biglang nagkaron ng maingay na usapan:

Letku: Kuya, look! It's Mang Manny!

Kuya: Go. go. go! Go faster! Hurry!

Letku: Yes! *eng... eng... wishung! eng... eng....*

Kuya: Captain, the ship is losing fuel, we're gonna lose them!

Letku: No, we're not! C'mon... launch the rocket boosters!

As the service zooms past the other vehicles, obviously, my kids' ship is no match for the faster school service.

Letku: Crashnuts! We lost them.


It rained today. And when it rains, Kuya gets a little scared. Now, it's just a little. Compared to before where he really cowers and such, this is great.

He took cover under a pillow, and I peaked inside.

Me: Hey.

Kuya: Hi.

Me: You scared?

Kuya: Yes.

Me: Why?

Kuya: Because the earth is gonna fill up with rain and people will drown! Just like Malabon!

Ah, okay.


In their school, they have this E-card where the students will have to converse in English, and then they will have this card signed to the person they spoke with.

Kuya, being the english-speaking hilaw na Amboy in the family, we thought he will not have difficulty with this. Letku, being the youngest, and the one we thought would not be able to do it, is actually beating his Kuya and Ate at it.

Kuya, zero.

Bochog, one.

Letku, five.

His first signature was from the school nurse.

Me: Kanino ka nagpa-sign?

Letku: Kay Nurse Joy.

Me: Ano sabi mo?

Letku: Wala lang.

Bochog: Wah! Di kaya pwedeng wala lang, dapat conversation daw talaga.

(I told my father about this, and he said, girls just cannot say NO to Letku coz he's so pogi. Well, that's true.)

This continued until his 5th signature today. I should have dwelt on this and inquired further. Really. Coz
I asked him today if he indeed had his signed again for the fifth time.

Letku: oo.

Me: Kanino?

Letku: Kay Ms. Cordero. Pinuntahan ko siya sa room niya.

Me: Ano sabi mo?

Letku: Wala. Sabi ko lang can you sign my E-card? Blah-blah-blah... threat-threat-threat.

So, that's how he gets his E-card signed.

about the Malabon situation--TV Patrol
Crashnuts--The Ant Bully
Blah and Threat--Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Thursday, July 12, 2007

things i wanna do before i die

like something from A Walk to Remember?
Not really.

1. drive (again, even once or twice)
2. eat strawberries dipped in chocolate
3. catch a snowflake with my tongue
4. go to Baguio (again), Galera, Cebu (again, loved the wide streets), Boracay, Bohol (to see the Chocolate Hills), New York, California, Seattle, France, Singapore, Hongkong, Ireland, London, Canada (to see Ces), etc. (yeah, right. i wish.)
5. ride a horse
6. iceskate
7. complete the Harry Potter movie series (2 more)
8. marry again (so i can plan it)
9. see a real castle (and let down my hair from the tower... joke!)
10. see my grandchildren (after my kids finishes school, of course)
11. kiss someone under a mistletoe (and i wrote this before i saw HP kiss Cho, ok?)
12. be matron of honor (abay lang pwede na) for Anne's, and Bes' wedding. (this is gonna take forever if these 2 won't hurry up already!)
13. ride an airplane again, and take pictures while inside. forgot to do this the first time.
14. wear contact lenses again, for some occasion... and sunglasses.
15. wear skinny jeans and not feel fat. <-- did this already, but now.... f*ck. GO ON A DIET!!!
16. buy a good DSLR, and take great pictures.
17. finish another course (CERTIFICATE in something will be fine)
18. finish my OJT in PNU (see #17)
19. grow my hair longer than this (as in as long as i can handle it)
20. paint my nails yellow (i've done white, green, blue, pink, blackish, tan, purplish)
21. enroll in Instituto Cervantes and learn Spanish. <--not that good at it, so it's still here
22. finish my M.A. (Early Childhood)
23. find a copy of P.S. I Love You (Barbara Conklin, Sweet Dreams #1 issue); and a book entitled Kaleidoscope (ata). A friend of mine in high school gave me this, but i lost it. This is where I first read "none are so blind as they that won't see." And Frank Deford's Alex: The Life of a Child (it's abt a child with Cystic Fibrosis)
24. run my own preschool, or tutorial center
25. meet Gerard Butler in person <--ayan, may motivation to live on... LOL


changed the title, i can't have just 10, or 12. I realized I have to have a lot. Sorta like my Reasons For Breathing. As long as this list continues, I don't have a reason to die, to snuff out, to quit, to give up, or whatever synonyms you can think of. Brilliant, huh? *grin*

so now i have 20 21 25 things... i wonder which one of these i'm gonna do this year? #2! bili nga kong strawberries sa linggo. weh... hahahaha!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

on dying

As i go through my fellow blogmates' entries this week, i stumbled upon hers. I already know how she writes, and have been enthralled by her excellent style. I knew that her current entry wasn't about her or her friends and their love stories. I felt something was different.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Neri. I am sure her demise was a great loss to the Cebuanos and all of the people who met her or read her work. From what I have read from other websites, Mrs. Neri was a splendid writer and poet, aside from being pretty and young.

This gave me a sinking thought... all of these people... they wrote beautiful tributes for her. When I die, will there be someone who will take time off to remember, and write something about me? Have I been influential enough? Helpful enough? Strong enough?

Will there be lots of people at my wake, crying and looking at my coffin where i lay so soundly asleep? Will the heavens carefully darken when i finally be laid to rest? Will butterflies flutter about and kiss the shoulders of gloom-stricken fellows surrounding my grave?

After I have had my silence, will my kids be alone in the quest of finding me in the dark? Will their dreams be shattered? Will they hate me for leaving?

These are my questions. These are my fears.

I know of my importance to my friends and family. I, who have mothered three wonderful children. I, who have been a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Though not perfect, I existed.

Death, I fear not. It's leaving everyone behind that petrifies me.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

July 11 was the most awaited day of the month for me... I was so freakin' excited to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've reserved good seats. Paid 190 pesos for it at Glorietta 4. I texted my friends about it, and finally, this day came. I was in definite chaotic mess when Anne jokingly told me our tickets were already forfeited. My stomach was churning with acid and whatever crap as I saw the Warner Bros logo coming up the screen. OMG, here it comes. Then the scene. Daniel came up. I felt... ...seriously mortified. WTF?! Ok. I am guilty of imagining a different opening scene. I read the book. So maybe that will explain it. But, there's a sinking feeling that I will not like this movie. First off, Dudley looked stupid. Well, he should be, but this was different. Acting was bad. Really bad actors at this movie. With one exception, that of Bellatrix Lestrange. Brilliant performance and depiction. Exactly what I imagined she would be.

Mrs. Figg wasn't at all how I saw her as I read the book. Luna was ok, and she was quite good at being.. weird. The sing-song voice helped.
The noble house of Black lacked a lot... it wasn't at all noble. It was terribly small. I pictured a grand petrified black house full of splendid artifacts of dark magic. They didn't even show Sirius' mother's portrait. They didn't show the Weasley's take on Percy's indifference to them, which I think was a little essential. Also, if a lot of the Weasley twin's antics to annoy Umbridge was shown, it might have added humor to it.

Though they did show how Ginny looked at Harry and Cho which was not in the book. They were clearly getting ready for movie 6.
If it weren't for the fight scene in the end, the story I think was a total waste. The depiction of the Ministry of Magic was splendid, though I think they could still have done better. Bellatrix killing Sirius... hm... i think it could've been done more beautifully. Like a little more fight scene going on before the exact killing. Though Harry's grief and anger was superbly conveyed (taking off the sounds at first was a good strategy), a little more fighting with Bellatrix and Harry could have done a lot of good. Remember, Bellatrix was the most loyal and probably the most deranged servant of Voldemort. More showing of just how much deranged she was would've been great. Bellatrix should have had more exposure, like in the end where she should've known that the prophecy was destroyed and such, failure to give her master the prophecy, her anguish and all that. The movie lacked a lot of emotion that was clear with the previous movies. This one was too gloomy and too serious, there's no balance whatsoever. Even if the movie had magic scenes, it wasn't at all that magical to me. All-in-all, since I have read the book, I would rate it a 5 out of 10. If I haven't read the book, I'd say a 6. Before I watched it, I have promised my kids we will go see it. But now, I don't think it's worth the 680 pesos I will shell out for the 4 of us. I'll probably just wait for the DVD copy to come out. Let's see what they can come up with movie 6 next. Probably a lot more gloomy since Dumbledore dies in it. In any case, even if the movie is a little disappointing, I still love Harry Potter. JK Rowling is an awesome author. I liked how she could foresee things in the first book and have it's uses still in the next book. Brilliant! This is one of the instances why I sometimes choose books over movies. =)

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Think of 10 things about yourself, and tag 3 other peeps:

1. I can't swim. i almost drowned when i was little. i'm claustrophobic--one of the reasons why i'm afraid of the water. plus, my Dad took us to see JAWS in 3D... well, you know what happens after you make a child see huge teeth coming to bite off a leg.

2. I can't drive. i tried twice, but never got around really learning how. I wish I can learn soon.

3. I've read Harry Potter 1-6. Book 7 is so expensive that i might wait before i buy one. Well, not unless you give me one. *grin*

4. I've never shoplifted, and never will. When I was in high school, some of the girls wanted me to do that for initiation or something. Blech! No way. I told them to stick up their membership something up their ass/es.

5. I've cheated in an exam only once. I mean, really cheated on my own, ok? The one where I intentionally looked at something to get the answer. I can't help cheating when you hear the answers from others who readily gave them away. Hm... It was in Chemistry, I think. Mrs. Tansio, I'm very sorry. Ninang pala. She was our ninang sa kasal. Hmmm... whatever happened to her kaya?

6. I only had one line-of-7 grade in College. That's in Taxation. Would've finished Cum Laude if I got an 80. The Dean was so mad when he found out. I forgot the name of the Professor, but he was the lamest, ever!

7. My very first line-of-7 was in high school--History. I cried for like a week or two. Eew... So pathetic. I lost my scholarship. I discovered the difference between public and private schools that time.

8. The first thought that came to mind when I saw my newborn daughter was "anak ko ba to?!" Yes, it was a mean thing to think of... when she was born, she didn't look like her dad at all... it was one of the usual things people were expecting, for the baby to look like him. With his nose and all.. Well, she does now. Yuck! She looks like a man?!! Wait, is this item about me?! *hahaha*

9. I have had 7 operations. 3 for CS, 1 for appendectomy, 1 to take out a breast tumor, 1 to take out a cyst, left ear, 1 for my fistula. And 1 for a biopsy, it's only a humongous needle, so I won't count that as an operation. Number 9 is coming very soon.

10. I lost my virginity during.... at age.... with.... asa ka pang sasabihin ko sayo?! *hahaha* Well, you all know who it's with, though. Hmm... ano na lang, I had one miscarriage. I should've gotten 4 great kids instead of 3. *sigh*

Ok, that's 10... I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


- a sudden, often repetitive, spasmodic contraction of the thoracic cavity, resulting in violent release of air from the lungs, and usually accompanied by a distinctive sound.


Ubo - saksak puso, tulo ang dugo! Mala-impyernong sakit. Nakakasuka, punyeta.


Sunday, July 01, 2007


masaya ang buhay pag may nagmamahal sa yo, di ba? lalo na pag madami sila... parang di ka mauubusan... mawala man yung isa, may kapalit. pero, sa totoo lang, meron ba talagang pwedeng pumalit? di naman napapalitan talaga yun eh. yung tunay na lab, kahit maubos na buhok mo sa katawan, lab mo pa rin yun.

kahit naman sakitin ako.. kahit na di ko matupad mga pangarap ko... kahit na madaming beses na akong umiyak.. masaya pa rin ako. marami kasing nagmamahal sa kin. mga taong isang text ko lang, nandito na para sa kin. minsan, di mo pa sinasabi, di ka pa nagsusumbong, alam na nila na may dinadamdam ka. Mga
kindred spirit, kumbaga. Kundi dahil sa mga taong ito, ewan ko na lang...

Masasabi ko talaga na nabubuhay na lang ako para sa mga taong nagmamahal sa kin.. unang-una pag sumuko ako, baka may isang taong mapatay pa ko lalo. haha. wag ka na mag-react, alam mo naman kung sino ka. Pangalawa, di talaga option yung sumuko eh.. Magagalit mga anak ko.. Takot ko lang sa kanila. hehe. Buti na lang pinauso ni Lord yung lab, noh? Kung walang lab, good luck.


Masaya kahapon... pano, buy na ko new fone... sabay kaming bumili ni Mai sa greenhills... LG lang po binili ko... yung entry-level na 3G... di gaya ng fone ni Mai na N76, di ko kasi kaya yung ganun kamahal noh.. takot ko lang mahold-up.. nyahaha...

Ok naman yung fone, considering the price... solb na! gusto ko lang naman is maka-save ng maraming messages. hehe.
Pagkatapos ng pagbili, hala, halos di na kami makausap sa kakakalikot ng aming mga fones... pati fones namin may anniversary na...

hay... this is to better days ahead, Mai! Thank you so much for being a good person, and always being here for me... (background music) i dont know what i'm gonna do without you... Looking forward to another day out soon...