Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you're troubled....

Halos lahat ng aspeto sa buhay, nagka-problema na ko.  pamilya, anak, asawa (super problem to the maximum level), kalusugan.  i will not deny that i have done some stupid things that i thought will make those problems go away.

i've been crying for more than half of my life, I came to a point that I'm not sure anymore if there is a God.

Then I realized, if there is no God, then everything is on me.  I have to make do of what I have.  I made a checklist in my head.  Asked myself who and what I was living for.  I called this list, my reasons for breathing.  Topping that list were my children.  And that's enough.  I could've stopped there.  But, everyday, I see things that makes it to the list.  Small things, like seeing a butterfly on the porch perched in a flower pot.

Now, I admit, I am a little scared of dying.  Not because of myself.  I am afraid for the people I will be leaving behind.  I know they will not survive that.  So, even if I felt like giving up, I couldn't.  I've been in and out of the hospital too much, the lab people are sick of me.  But I'm still here.  I still am breathing.  Because I do not live one day at a time anymore.  I live one breath at a time. 

I do think of the future.  I have to, because of Dale (my son who has autism).  The days that I have left here breathing, I would like to dedicate on keeping my family together.  I stopped being angry with my husband's failures or "kakulangan," as my mother always says.  Because I accepted the fact that I, too, have them.  I just had to open my eyes and realize them.

I am teaching my children to love one another, because in the end, that's all they will have left--each other.

I study not because I have to.  it's because I want to.  It makes me feel younger.  Younger means healthier.  I think my parents know this, because even if they sometimes question my decision to continue studying, they do not ask me to stop.

I take my medicines regularly, not because I want to, but because I have to.  If these expensive little pills will somehow, miraculously, give me more breaths to take, then I will take them.  As I said, not because I want to.... coz If it were me alone, I'm ready to die.  But because I have to, coz everything is not about me.

Pain is just a reminder.  Whatever you forgot, pain is there like a ribbon round your finger.

If you're crying because of pain, let them flow.  There is no shame in crying.  But, after you've exhausted yourself enough, stop.   Then face your problems.  Tears will not do you any good except for one thing. It was made to lubricate the eyes... to clean them... like windshield wipers... for you to see clearly again.

Sometimes, we all need a brick wall to bang our heads with, and that's ok.  Sometimes, you may want to die, and that's ok, too.  We're all human, anyway.  Just remember, you are alive for a reason.  Find that reason.  I don't think you need to look far.

Have faith.  Even if we don't see God, it doesn't mean He is not there.  Even if it seems like He doesn't answer your prayers, pray still.  He knows what He's doing.  After all, He is God.

I will not tell you to cheer up.  I will not tell you that I understand your pain.  I am not you.  I will also not tell you that there are people who are experiencing pain worse than yours.  Again, they are not you.

However, you are you.  You know yourself more than anyone.  Go tell yourself what you need to do.  Be brave, little one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Social Networking and Me

Yes, I do belong to the population that craves news and other crazy information anyone can get on 9gag.  I laugh with the rest of them.  I get angry with politicians and celebrities that gets to be a trending topic on Twitter because of their stupidities.  I like pages.  I comment on them.  I am an internet junkie.

Sometimes, I post something inappropriate.  I will get those jitters after I press OK.  Then I delete them before someone sees them.  Sometimes, I don't.  Then it gets me into trouble.

That's when I learn the following:

1.  Never post something... anything... when you're angry.
     Do not give into anger.  When someone posts anything negative on you, ignore it, because if you try defend yourself, they will also defend what they said, and then it will be a never-ending carousel.

2.  Never say "I feel you..."  "I know what you're going through..."
     Because YOU DON'T.  Every experience, every person is different.

3.  Never press LIKE on something that is negative.
     Imagine someone posting that her mother died, and you LIKED that post.  Oh, Dear God.

4.  Never post pictures that may offend people.
     Nudity is surely number one on this list of offensive pictures.  Especially if you don't look good without clothes on.  It may even get you banned.

5.  Never tag people in pictures if they look bad in them.
     I got into trouble with this.  I tagged a friend of mine on a picture, and her mother saw it.  Her mother learned that we were out instead of in my house.  Another is when I tagged a friend who looked stupid in one picture.  It made me realize that I have to be careful with everything I do online.

6.  Never repost your business/products to buy if they said no.
     Posting on everyone's wall about your business is ok... that is, if you do it once.  However, reposting it everyday will probably make you lose friends.

7.  Never share links that may prove to be more harmful than helpful.
     Some people post things to make them famous.  Do not give in.  Weigh the pros and cons before sharing information.

8.  Never retweet anything that you haven't read beforehand.
     Links that come in your feed may be harmful and you don't even know it.

9.  Keep your private life private.
     You had a fight with your husband?  Oh please do not post anything about it.  That's where cheesy love song lyrics come in.  

10.   If everything else fails, log-off.
        There will come a time that you will feel that you've grown too attached to your computer than your actual life.  Give yourself (and your computer!) a break and go on a hiatus.  You can come back anytime anyway.

Everything that is on this list, I have actually experienced.  Social networks are a lot of fun.  It brings out your creativity and you find information even before they come out in the news.  The trouble comes when you get too involved with it.  Let's all just keep it cool.  =)