I'm Reich.

A Filipina mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. I am a SPED advocate.  I have a daughter who towers over me.  I have a son who thinks differently; and another son who cuddles with me in bed.

I have three non-working kidneys.  One of which is not mine, really.  I am on dialysis 3x a week to live.  And I weigh 58.5 kgs when I'm "dry."

I write when inspired.  I read when bored.  I take pictures to remember.  I sing to annoy.  I eat to feel better.  I pray to be stronger.

I aspire to be a person who people will remember as someone who touched their lives forever.

Read more about me from here:  Working Mom July 2007

Read more about my differently-abled son here.

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Have a stress-free day!

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